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Entry #2


2017-05-16 18:09:06 by SPRINGANNA

Would you Rather?

Go to a Prom/Dance with your crush or boyfriend

( When ur boyfriend or crush goes with someone else u start crying in the corner also with that nobody cares.)


Go to a Prom/Dance with ur friends

 ( Having a great time making new friends )


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2017-05-16 18:09:53

i mean its true. rlly my friends have shit with this all the time


2017-05-16 18:14:26

Girlfriend, obviously. because i'm pretty sure the moment some of my buddies get their eyes on someone and feel like asking them for a dance i'll be left alone because apparently i'm the only one in the group who doesn't want to dance with anyone.


2017-05-16 19:04:43

I'll go to a dance with my fiancé -- we've been together three years and are still going strong. I will happily dance with him over my friends, who are normally better dancers.

And besides, I don't even need to go out for him to make me dance...